Cliffs of Moher Photography

I don’t often post engagements or pre-wedding photo shoots on the Blog, as weddings represent the bulk of my work.

However, here in county Clare, we are blessed with incredible locations that make people travel accross the world to get the opportunity to have this scenery as a backdrop to their images.

we are lucky to be located only 5 minutes from the Clare coast and the world famous Cliffs of Moher. Not that there is only one location to go to, because there  are many other choices within the vicinity, Doolin cliffs, Doolin Pier, Doonagore Castle, Fanore beach, Ailladee, Spanish point beach…and that’s only the coast.

Leanna and Jason got in contact with us to organize such shoot at the cliffs of Moher before their wedding to be held in Canada , as Jason is originally from  co. Clare.


If I may introduce myself. My name is Trevor and I am very interested in
the potential of doing a surprise engagement photo shoot for
my soon to be fiance at the cliffs of moher. I know it’s
a little short notice. But we will be in the area from September 10th to the
20th. But your work is beautiful and inspiring and would
love to catch our magical moment with the helping hands of a
phenomenal photographer like yourself. Thanks so much for
your time and consideration.