How to choose your wedding photographer

One of the big questions when wedding planning is always How do we choose our wedding photographer ?

Your wedding photographer is certainly one of the key suppliers on your wedding day.

Once you have your venue booked , your ceremony organized , booking your wedding photographer should probably come next on your to do list.

Your wedding photos are one of the few things that you will have for years to come , a keepsake memories of the Big Day .

Your wedding photographer must produce good images on the day, but he also has to be a good fit for the couple and a nice person to work with.

So, how do you know which is the right one for you?

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A good way to find out, is to follow Irish based photographers online , mostly on Facebook and Instagram, and to check their website via searching wedding photographer cliffs of moher, wedding photographer clare and so on.

Try to see through their work the type of images they create , the type of mood they capture,

Check their past clients reviews and testimonials , this will not only give you an idea of the quality of work he or she delivered for them, but also how happy they are to have worked with this supplier.

And you might realize that what clients are grateful for , goes way beyond just the quality of the work they produce.

A good , experienced wedding photographer is a calming presence , someone that will reassure you when needed , someone that will guide you and accompany you through your day, making sure you stay on schedule and that you make the most of your day with as little stress as possible and as much fun as is allowed .

On your wedding day, your suppliers are your best sidekicks , they look out for you and make sure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly.

So one question you will have to ask yourself is: is this someone i can work with ? are we a good fit ?

Not always easy to figure out , but if you do get in touch with them , connect through social media , ask a few questions, and you should get a good idea of how helpful (or not) they are.

Once you have narrowed down your choice of preferred photographers , it is a case of getting in touch with them to check for availability.

Good photographers tend to get booked long in advance and there is nothing worse than settling for second choice, so get your bookings in as early as possible.

Word of mouth is also one of the best ways to choose your wedding photographer.

Ask your friends who got married recently to share their experience with you , it doesn’t mean you have to hire the same suppliers , but they can give you an insight.

Maybe you have been guest at a wedding recently and that gave you an opportunity to see a wedding photographer work all day.

How do they interact with guests? with family members? were they discreet enough? did they have to take center stage all the time? were they loud? or nice people to have around?

One last advice i would have is to connect with wedding coordinators , either at your venue , or online for example Grainne Mc Gibney at Atlantic vows , holds regular Instagram Lives where she gives great advice to anyone who is organizing their wedding day , and i highly recommend following her for great tips and an insider view of the wedding world.

If you are looking to get your full wedding experience planned for you , you can also get in touch with Stephen @ , great professionals are invaluable when it comes to making all the right choices.

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And , of course,  if i can be of any help or advice, please do get in touch, we are always here to help !

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