Wedding tips

Starting your getting ready pictures in a clean, bright and tidy room , choosing a venue with character or nice grounds, all the way to picking a spectacular bridal party shoot location can make your pictures that bit more special and spectacular.

This will allow your photographer to make the best of their creativity and produce spectacular images that will remain forever.

Consult with your photographer about your wedding timeline. Your photographer has probably shot hundreds of weddings and is more than likely familiar with your chosen venue and ceremony location.

They are in a good position to advise you on timings and make sure you can enjoy your day without feeling rushed while getting all these important moments captured.

Cliffs of Moher Proposal

This is the best way to get to work with your photographer in spectacular surroundings before your wedding day. it is a chance to get to know him and know how he works , and what to expect on your wedding day! Particularly good for clients who are camera shy or just worried about the taking pictures part. Most of the time you will realise that this is actually good fun and it can be done in a very natural , free flowing way, which in our opinion is the best and only way to get authentic images.


This is a popular conversation subject and we can't emphasise how important this can be. Your wedding should flow effortlessly with no double takes. Asking your guests to leave their phones down for the ceremony can help the photographers work shine through. The most important thing is that each and everyone enjoys the ceremony live and secondly to avoid ruining these once in a lifetime photos by accidentally moving into frame . We want to avoid guests accidentally stepping in the way of the bride and groom walking down the aisle!


It is important you get beautiful shots of those who shared this day with you. We would advise to have a concise list of family pictures prepared beforehand so that the shoot goes smoothly. Keep in mind that each group can take up to 5 minutes, and that little bit of planning in advance can make everything run a lot easier.

These tips can help you prepare so that you enjoy your day and are ready for everything. Consider it the Irish Wedding Checklist! You can consider having:

01. An umbrella (white one) or umbrellas for your bridesmaids.

02. A rescue kit with you (safety pins, plasters, paracetamol, baby wipes.).

03 A spare pair of flat shoes in your vehicle to make your outdoor bridal party shoot more comfortable. If you wish to wear high heels all day look for those handy clear plastic cups to fit on your heel and allow you to walk on grass and softer grounds.

04. A warm piece of clothing to put on your shoulders for in between shots,

All these little details can make your day that bit more enjoyable.

This is the most important tip , even if the simplest and most obvious one. You have spent months, sometimes years planning your Big Day, you have prepared and chosen every little details and you want it to be the perfect day. Please keep in mind that, things will happen, things will run a bit late , some details won't turn out exactly as you wanted, but this shouldn't stop you from enjoying your day. It is one day in a lifetime, a very long day, that feels like 5 minutes! Really, it will be over before you know it. Ask anyone who has done it before, they will agree. So it is the utmost importance that once the day starts, you let go of the organising , you let the professionals that you have hired (wedding planner, venue wedding coordinator, caterers, band, photographer) make sure your day runs smoothly and you concentrate on enjoying your day with your guests and family!

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